Nelson Mandela Foundation Annual Report 2016/2017

The Foundation, as Mr Mandela’s post-presidential office, provided the base for his charitable work, covering a wide range of endeavours, from building schools to HIV/Aids work and from research into education in rural areas to peace and reconciliation interventions. Today, the Foundation focuses on dialogue work, preserving the memory and legacy of its founder, and on Nelson Mandela International Day.

Vision and Mission


Aims to help build a society that remembers its past, listens to all its voices and pursues social justice.


Contributes to the making of a just society by promoting the legacy of Nelson Mandela, providing an integrated public information resource on his life and times, and convening dialogue around critical social issues.

Core work

The core work of the Foundation is to deliver to the world an integrated and dynamic information resource on the life and times of Nelson Mandela, and to promote the finding of sustainable solutions to critical social problems through memory-based dialogue interventions.

The spiral

The spiral, which in many ancient societies symbolised constant renewal, simultaneously represents the centring of memory, disseminating of information and widening impact of the Foundation's work in the world. 


The Foundation's institutional values serve as a compass for the organisation.   


We are committed to being ethical, professional, reliable and authentic.


We care deeply about the world and the work we do in it. We aim to go the extra mile.


We listen carefully, honour difference and embrace inclusivity.


Work for us is a calling. We strive for excellence in serving our publics. We work to build the world of Nelson Mandela’s dreams.


We are determined to fight injustice in all its forms. We are committed to continuing self-renewal. We welcome creativity.


We believe in freedom of information. We strive to share information resources as widely as possible. We respect legitimate restrictions on access.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation